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AMARA, Bellydancer and Teacher in AUSTIN, TEXAS
512-694-3679 or

AMARA, PhD, is known for her innovative teaching methods. In her studio classes, she stresses strong foundational technique through combinations of choreography, improvisation, solo, and group work, while she also helps students explore the workings of Middle Eastern dance and their own individual needs.

In addition, Amara presents information about the history of Middle Eastern and Belly Dance, differences between various genres, and issues facing dancers today. She has taught accredited courses on dance appreciation and Middle Eastern dance at UCLA, UCR, and California State Polytechnic University, Pomona and workshops at a number of universities and colleges.

Ongoing studio classes in Austin, Texas, for Beginning - Intermediate - Advanced. Amara is also available for private lessons and coaching.

Amara has a variety of workshops and seminars that she can teach to any size group or experience level. Classes are offered in:

  a. Combinations & Technique
  b. Props
  c. Choreography
  d. Improvisation
  e. Experimental (X-MED)
  f. Teaching Middle Eastern Dance

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