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Ansuya was raised in the small country town of Ojai, California, where she gave her first performance at the age of four under the direction of her mother, renowned dancer, Jenaeni, founder of Yaleil Middle Eastern Dancers.

Ansuya's training has its roots in the traditional Cabaret Style Belly Dance popular in the 60's and 70's which she has blended with her favorite aspects of modern Egyptian Dance. She is particularly fond of fusion and gypsy styles, choosing her music and costuming accordingly, borrowing often from Spain and India. This comes very naturally, as she herself is Indian from her Father's side.

In addition to her contracts at the Al Amir Supper Club and Noura Cafe, Ansuya has had the pleasure of performing at many night clubs in California and Hawaii as well as at numerous parties in restaurants such as Chasens and Spagos.

Her career has taken her as far away as Egypt where she performed with Aisha Ali and the Banat Mazen Ghawazee Dancers at the hotel Isis in Luxor and to the Taj Coromondel Hotel in Madras, India, where she and her troupe, Yaleil entertained Hollywood's film community during the making of "Return of the Thief of Baghdad."

Ansuya, Belly Dancer and Middle Eastern Entertainer


Today, Ansuya pursues an additional career as an actress. She has been seen acting and dancing on such TV shows as: "Days of Our Lives", "The Nanny","Weird Science" and "The Jim Jay and Ann Show"; a sports promo for Fox TV, music videos for Beck, Brian Setzer, Sons of Funk, and can be heard playing zils on Kenny Loggins' latest CD "Birth Energy."

Ansuya's earlier video appearances include Rose and Salman Productions, "The Belly Dancer" and "Dancing Live to Raja.

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