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Fayme Zelena Harper, Gypsy Productions

Fayme Zelena Harper - Belly Dance Classes:

Private and semi-private belly dance classes in Anaheim, CA, by appointment. I am open to teaching your special group if you have a place to meet. The person providing the space gets their class free. (Orange County Only).

Voice Mail 360-232-6237

Introducing National Entertainer
Fayme Zelena Harper
Fayme Zelena Gypsy Productions, Belly Dance
Belly Dancing

I have been belly dancing since high school and boy are my feet tired! Just joking.

Belly dancing is ancient yet forever new. There are two basic catagories and many subcatagories. The main two catagories are Cabaret and Tribal.

Cabaret: This is the type of belly dancing that comes with sparkling beads, shiny coins, glitz, glamour and usually, skimpier costumes. Designed for the night club circuit, indoor parties and weddings, and the ever popular belly-grams. This style was extremely popular in the late 70's, and has waxed and waned many times since.

Tribal: This is a vast group covering gypsy dance, folk styles, American Tribal, SCA historical dance, and other cultures past and present that exist in the middle east. The jewelry is often antique looking, 'tattoos' are painted on the face, turbans are often worn, and the fabrics are cottons, stripes, and natural fibers. This look is a little more forgiving of less than perfect figures, and offers a more covered up look that's great for family gatherings, festivals, Renaissance Faires and parades.

Welcome to my world!

My name is Fayme Zelena Harper and I lead a fascinating life. I definitely took the motto to heart "Do what you love and the money will follow." During the week I work as a Certified Hypnotherapist, and during the weekends I do Hypnosis Shows, Magic, Juggling, Improvisational Comedy, Caricaturing, Belly Dancing, Face-Painting, Mehndi (henna) Art and Gyspy Arts.

I love doing something different each weekend.

Interesting Facts:

Contrary to popular opinion, men also belly dance and do it quite well. (See Male Belly Dancers)

Children love to belly dance, and one manufacturer even makes finger cymbals (zils) in small sizes.

Cats love belly dancers, and belly dancers seem to love cats.

Many women dance FOR women and not for men. It is a spiritual way to commune with Mother Earth (Gaia) and to feel happy in our bodies and in our souls and to celebrate our sisterhood.




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