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Light Rain - Doug Adamz

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The Joffrey Ballet says this about Light Rain: "Surrender to the pulsing beat of Arpino's classic 'Light Rain' - fluid, sensual, washed in golden light. An unforgettable end to a dazzling season.

Gerald Arpino's beautiful, theatrical Light Rain has become a Joffrey Ballet signature work. In three movements, a large cast of dancers wash across the stage, pulsing with energy and forming fluid, exotic groupings. The centerpiece is a sensual duet between a man and a woman. The work's original score mesmerizes with Eastern rhythms and unusual combinations of instruments like banjo, violin, mandolin, bass, doumbec (clay drum), finger cymbals, tambourine, claves (South American wood sticks), maraca and bamboo flute."

Doug Adams, Light Rain on violin

The musicians of Light Rain are considered pioneers of what has come to be known as “World Beat” & American Belly-Dancing music. Their four albums feature Doug Adams’ violin as it weaves sensuous melodies over the rhythms of doumbec (an Arabian drum) and finger cymbals played by De Ann.


Doug Adams & Light Rain are considered pioneers of what has come to be known as “World Beat” music. Their four albums, DREAM DANCER, DREAM SUITE, VALENTINE TO EDEN and DARK FIRE, feature Adams’ violin as it weaves sensuous melodies over the rhythms of doumbec and finger cymbals. The compositions were originally written to accompany the dancing of De Ann.

Doug Adams, Musician and Composer of New Age Music
Doug Adams

Light Rain’s first album, Dream Dancer, was recorded in 1977 and became an underground hit. Sales of that album soon numbered in the tens of thousands with orders coming in from across the United States and around the world.

Dream Dancer was discovered by the Joffrey Ballet who set a dance to some of its music. The Joffrey’s dance, also named Light Rain, became known as their signature work with audiences demanding to see (and hear) it year after year in some of the finest theaters in the world.

Dream Dancer helped set the stage for an avalanche of music labeled “New Age” and later “World Beat”. Light Rain followed up with their albums Dream Suite (featuring guest artists The Kronos Quartet), and Valentine to Eden.

After a long break from their mid-eastern musical explorations, in 1993 Light Rain burst back into the world-beat arena with the powerful and exotic CD; Dark Fire. Many consider the deep and sinewy performances captured on Dark Fire to be Light Rain at its very best. It certainly has become Light Rain’s bestseller.

Mysterious and romantic, Light Rain’s music sings to the gypsy in each of our souls. With their unique hybrid of Arabic and American musical sensibilities, they have indeed made a niche of their own in this diverse musical world we live in.


New Age, World Beat / Magi

1. The Gypsies
2. Serpentina
3. The Devil's Daughter
4. Dark Fire
5. De Ann's Dream
6. Gabe's Cat
7. Moonrise
8. The King's Coast
9. Temple Dance
10. Chase The wind

Sensuous melodies on violin, guitar and woodwinds weave a magic carpet of sound over exotic Arabic rhythms of finger cymbals and doumbec.

Light Rain, Dark Fire, Image of CD Cover


New Age, World Beat / Magi - 1998

1. Aracas
2. Paso Al Sol
3. Zemeratik/Vidavid
4. The Gentle Wind
5. Schizo Sherzo
6. Desert Dwellers
7. La Baranca
8. (When I'm) 6/4
9. Sundown Silhouette
10. Mandolin Dance

More of the exotic, Arabic influenced sounds of LIGHT RAIN with guest artist the "KRONOS QUARTET"

Dream Suite, by Doug Adams, CD

Valentine To Eden
New Age, World Beat / Magi - 1997

1. Astarte
2. Gitana
3. Burning Blue
4. Amber
5. The Eagle
6. Tar Marmalade
7. Conga Mango

More of the exotic, Arabic influenced sounds of LIGHT RAIN

Valentine to Eden CD

New Age, World Beat / Magi - 1993

1. City Of Dreams
2. Spirit Of The Wind
3. Women Of The Well
4. The Sword Dance
5. Firewoods I
6. Dervish
7. Rabekin
8. Magi
9. Beautiful Friend
10. Firewoods II

LIGHT RAIN's first release; DREAM DANCER has become a classic of World Beat music. Contains music used by the JOFFREY BALLET.

Dream Dancer by Light Rain, Doug  Adams

Belly Dancer
Sketch Cards:

Belly Dancer Sketch Card Art

Some of you may be aware that I have been doing lots of Art and Art related projects over the past few years. In fact, I now sign my name Penny Lee StewArt!

I recently painted 25 sketch cards of belly dancers, 2.5 x 3.5 inches in size. They are very collectible and make great gifts.

Please visit my Daily Paint Works Gallery if you are interested in purchasing. Thanks.  

Penny StewArt
aka The Pink Gypsy


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