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Nadirah, Belly Dancer
Nadirah, Belly gram specialisty, Los Angeles,  CA
Bellygrams for All Occasions, Los Angeles, CA
310 819 5611 or

Facebook – Terri Miller-Robson

Bellygram Specialist and Coin Flipping Artist

Nadirah, Coin Flipping BellydancerNadirah is a professional cabaret dancer who specializes in bellygrams featuring flowing veils, tinkling zills, sword balancing and her amazing abdominal coin flipping act.

Nadirah is a soloist, but has danced with several troupes throughout her bellydance career. She has performed at countless festivals, parties, fundraising events, restaurants, biker rallies and classic rock events.

Nadirah has studied with some of the best teachers of Middle Eastern dance, including, Fahtiem, Angelika, Ansuya, Jeneani, Cory Zamora and Rahana. You can see her on the “Learn How to Bellydance with Dondi” DVD.

Nadirah regularly attends the Arabian Nights at Sea Bellydance Cruise, presented by Michele Nicola, which has allowed her to continue her bellydance education with workshops by amazing dancers such as Mesmera, Suzanna Del Vecchio, Aziza Said, Paulina, Jill Parker, Aradia, John Compton, Ava Fleming and many others.

Nadirah learned her coin flipping technique from the legendary Helena Vlahos on one of the Arabian Nights At Sea cruises.

Nadirah traveled to Egypt in 2011 to perNadirah, Belly Dancer, Los Angeles areaform at the Ahlan Wa Sahlan dance festival and study with Dina and Nelly Fouad.

Nadirah infuses her dance with a wonderful sense of humor and an absolute insistence on having fun!

Her shows are specifically tailored to each event and are appropriate for all ages and occasions.

“Dancing is in my soul and nothing can compare to the total feeling of joy I experience when I make the music come alive with my body.”

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