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My current love is teaching Fine Art classes at Michaels in West Covina, CA, and doing pet portrait paintings.

Penny Stewart aka The Pink Gypsy, aka The Crafty Lady
aka The Cat Rock Lady, aka Penny Puppet, etc. etc.

Decorative Painter, Fine Artist, Pet Portrait Painter,
Belly Dance Supporter, Former Puppeteer,
Internet Computer Consultant / Web Site Designer and Promoter

Owner of Crafty Lady Boutique and The Pink Gypsy

Occasionally, yes, I do have pink hair. It used to be unusual, but today it's "in." Seems like I'm always changing identities, and taking on new personalities, like when I did puppet shows and changed my name legally to Penny Puppet (on my Sears Card, Driver's license, and SS card).  I really tend to get into a subject that interests me.

When I started taking belly dance lessons I let my usually short cropped gray hair grow out into a "gypsy" style. People started calling me "The Gypsy." About the same time I started wearing more pink (for some unexplained reason) and people commented on how good it looked on me - made me look younger and healthier.  So I decided to wear nothing but pink. "Why would anyone choose to look less than their best?" I thought.  Oddly enough, people started calling me "The Pink Lady."  I combined the two monikers and came up with "The Pink Gypsy."  That's why I did the pink hair thing, but I'm not the first. A woman I used to know named Genii, of Geniiland Puppet Theater, Van Nuys, CA., (I think she now lives in Antelope Valley) had beautiful pink hair (in the 70's). Maybe she still does? She always impressed me as someone who didn't care much what other people thought.

Things evolved and one thing led to another.  We added belly dance classes in the back room at the Crafty Lady Boutique gift shop about 15 years ago, started selling belly dance tapes and costumes, created a web site, and here we are today.

Crafty Lady Boutique no longer exists in the real world, but the virtual store is going strong, along with The Pink Gypsy Bellydance Supplies Online Store.

Just be yourself, Whatever that seems to be today, One Day at a Time. - Penny




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The Crafty Lady
aka The Pink Gypsy

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